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Welcome to the Nikki & Nora WikiaEdit

Nikki & Nora Wikia is a collaborative encyclopedia for everything related to the Nikki & Nora web series. This wikia is a free to edit site for anyone who wishes so please feel free to add any helpful edits you think might help this page.

About the SeriesEdit

In 2004 the Nikki and Nora pilot was the first lesbian-themed drama series under serious consideration for a television network (UPN). While the series was never picked up the pilot did leak to the internet and gained a huge loyal fanbase. Nearly 10 years later seires creator NancyLee Myatt approached the actors with the idea of rebooting the series for internet distribution. A crowd-funding campaign was set up on and the series surpassed its goal by 30%. Now Nikki & Nora has been given the series it deserves.