Season N/A
Episode no. 0
Written by Nancylee Myatt
Directed by John David Coles
Guest stars John Michael Weatherly as Officer Fisher
Original airdate Unaired (Prod. 2004)
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"Episode 1.1"

'Pilot' is the unaired television pilot for Nikki & Nora, it was created for the UPN television network, who ultimately passed on it. The Pilot was the first lesbian-themed drama series under serious consideration for a television network. While the pilot never aired it did leak to the internet and gained a huge loyal fanbase, it was this fanbase that led to the creation of the web series almost 10 years later

Synopsis Edit

Nora Delaney and Nikki Beaumont are partners in the NOPD Special Crimes Unit in New Orleans police department. However, they are also more than partners - they are lovers.

Plot Edit

NOPD Detectives Nikki Beaumont and Nora Delaney, who are also a lesbian couple, are undercover at a club busting a ecstasy dealer. After they have made the arrest their commanding officer, , calls them in to investigate the murder of Elizabeth Turner.

When they arrive on the scene the coroner determines that the victim was raped. The Detectives learn that prior to the murder the victim placed a 911 call about her ex-boyfriend, Peter Gotay, the first responds sent him home.

Nikki and Nora check out Gotay's yacht, they find him unconscious and the place ransacked. As he regains consciousness a figure runs off from the yacht and Nora gives chase, the figure turns out to be Michael Turner, the victims brother, who believes Gotay killed his sister.

With no evidence to hold him Gotay walks, Nikki and Nora get a warrant to search his yacht. They find a hair brush and bring it to the lab to test it for DNA. Afterwards the girls go home for the night, Nora gives Nikki a necklace for a specific anniversary, one Nikki cannot remember.

DNA results come back indicating that Peter Gotay did not rape Elizabeth, lab results also indicate that Elizabeth had consensual sex four hours before her murder. Nikki has lunch with her dad to learn about the Neighborhood where the murder took place, meanwhile Nora talks with her brother, a uniformed officer, both family members aware of Nikki and Nora's relationship.

After questioning a neighbor the Detectives discover that one of the uniformed officers who responded to the first 911 call came back later in the night. DNA tests show that Officer Cordone was the rapist and he is arrested.

As the case is wrapped up Nikki remembers what anniversary she forgot, the day she and Nora were assigned as partners.

Cast and Crew Edit

Main Cast Edit

Liz Vassey - Detective Nikki Beaumont
Christina Cox - Detective Nora Delaney

Also Starring Edit

Shemar Moore - Sergeant Dan
Joe Chrest - M.E Charlie
Chris Sarandon - Arthur Beaumont
Bobby Delaney

Guest StarsEdit

John Michael Weatherly - Officer Joe Fisher
Peter Gotay
Elizabeth Turner
Michael Turner
Officer Paul Cordone

Crew Edit

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